Typography & Color Theory

Gabriel Romero
2 min readFeb 18, 2019


Typography, the backbone of any user experience! Without it, we would have nothing but images and colors. Now that I know how important typography is to a good user experience makes it that much more interesting. Using the proper typeface and font will make or break a good design.

Notice I said typeface first? Typeface is actually the proper term used to describe the design of the letters and fonts are the styles. Think Times New Roman (typeface), but now in italics (font).

Sans Serif typefaces are also the go-to for ease of reading on screens. Serif fonts are preferred for print since the resolution is usually much higher than screens.


Text Hierarchy

A good typeface is a great start, but with text hierarchy, we can take it a step further! By using different typefaces and sizes we can tell a reader what is important to read first. A very simple way to get attention and draw the user in!



Another great way to improve our typography! Since colors can relay meanings or emotions they’ll improve our designs. Especially when we choose the right ones! The above graphic is a great example of how colors can help us as UX Designers.

A color palette is how we can take our use of colors a step further. Once we choose a primary color, we can then define different shades and greyscales of the primary color to be used in the design. Defining those colors before the designing phase will save a lot of time and headaches.

We covered a lot more detail in class, but these main points make me feel like an even better UX Designer. I can’t wait to use this knowledge in our future design work!